2013 Word of the Year: Restored

word of the yearRedemption, realignment, reconnection and a whole lot of relearning were part of the many things that has happened to me this year. But if there’s one “re” that would define 2013 for me, it’s the word restored.

I realized this because my friend Pastor Kaz invited a few of us from church for a Christmas party. After an incredible meal, while we’re all full and lounging at his living room, he asked us what one word would define 2013 for each of us.

My mental dictionary was trying to connect the dots of events, finding a single modifier or noun in the English language to sum up a year. As I look back in the 12 months since, I couldn’t help but see how my life has been led to where it used to be. But improved many times over for a 2013 version, an American setting and a Caleb seven years older.

This year, I was restored back to writing – my foremost passion in life and a skill that has paid bills! I couldn’t think of doing anything else that’s actually doable (for my limited skill set) and fun than drafting words into a set of readable (hopefully!) sentences that people would actually read, or at the very least scan. To be writing again is like being in therapy, except that I’m getting paid for it. It allows me to put words into a word processor and have the confidence that someone could possibly find use to what I created. To know and be restored to a task that gives me life has been one of the best things that happened to me in 2013.

This year, I was restored back to praying – or at least praying more for others. Praying is one activity that I’ve always enjoyed. Beyond its obvious benefits of peace and calmness, unplugging me from the urgent and must-dos, it enables me to reconnect with my Creator. Praying has also allowed me to experience the power of a God who shows grace and love in a way that I cannot fathom.

The very act of prayer, which increases my awareness for an Almighty to not only bless me, but also guide me and nurture me in all I do has been an interest since I was in high-school. But since coming to America in 2006, prayer has been more of an emergency response mechanism, applied whenever necessary, than a part of my lifestyle.

Huge thanks to my mom gently urging me to go back into prayer ministry in 2012 and to Kaz’s wife encouraging me to join our church’s prayer team a year earlier at a similar Christmas party. More than the love for praying or doing church work, what I’m thankful most is the heightened desire that I’ve gained to reconnect with my God daily.

2013 marks my seventh year in New York. Most Bible scholars consider the Number 7 as a symbol of completion, referencing the seventh day in Creation. Though God needs to do more work in my life before I’m actually completed in Him, I can say that my path has been bounded firmly and I feel greatly restored to the path where He wants me to be.

As I used to tell my parents and friends, New York is a fast-paced city, where everything takes time. Seven years may look like a long time for me to get my life in order, but it’s arguably short for a God who has ordained my days, ordered my steps, established my direction and Has promised to never stop the good work He has begun in my life until it is truly complete.

6 thoughts on “2013 Word of the Year: Restored

  1. Impeccably said Mr. Galaraga. It’s just amazing how God can use your creativity to minister to others. 2014 is a new cycle for you…rejoice now after you have been restored in 2013. It may also be a year of redefining your plans, all of which will be directed by the Lord. I am so proud of you.

  2. Bullseye! You hit the nail on the head, Pinoy. Great read, too. It “RE”inforces this hunch I’ve had: that you’ve changed (or restored) yourself. Indeed, the last few times we’ve hung out, it feels like old times—days when both of us were more carefree. Anyways, I’m glad to hear it and in many ways, echo your good vibes, as lately, I feel like a million bucks. Here’s to more good vibes in 2014!

    “A journey of a million miles begins with a single step.” —Chinese Proverb

    • Thanks sooo much Hug Hug! Not only are you my best bud but also my role model for excellence and a true testament of what hard work, passion and persistence can bring! You’ve been there for me all these seven years :-)

  3. A father can’t read this with eyes dry. Indeed our ” God is the faithful God who keeps His covenant of love to a thousand generations to those who love him . . . .” You’ve not even begun to grasp the awesomeness of what He has prepared for you but keep pressing on to take hold of the priceless prize ( no big league can ever offer) awaiting you. Go for it my son!

    • Thank you Papa! I’m blessed to have parents who has persisted and are continually “pressing on toward the Goal to win the prize” for which He has called you :-) I’m your number one fan, bishop! Lol.

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